William, Celeste, Andrea, Laura, Dorothea & Julian in London & Paris

In front of the Rubens Palace Hotel in London. Carol, it was like a dream!!! The most incredible, special vacation!!!! My mom said on our last night while strolling in front of Buckhingham Palace, “I don’t think I can possibly express in words to anyone how incredible this trip has been.” That pretty much sums it up. And Celeste, my 10-year-old, said at one point, “Now that we’ve been here, it makes me want to go everywhere.” All three generations fell in love with both cities. And the hotels you chose could not have been more perfect! We loved Pont Royal in Paris–the location was ideal and it was so charming. And the Rubens in London–wow! My kids are spoiled for life. We were all in awe. The height of British luxury!!!

We were able to cover so much ground in both cities, thanks to the tours! The Hop on Hop off was a wonderful intro to Paris, and the one-day tour was so thorough!

Thank you so much for planning a trip we will fondly remember in our family for a lifetime!!!! I hope to work with you again soon.