Beth, John, Juli & Bob in Ireland

Kathy,  I don’t know how you did it, but you out did yourself!  And this time you didn’t just leave Beth and me in awe…..but you blew Juli & Bob away! Needless to say we loved our trip to Ireland – you made Beth’s father’s dream to have his family tour Ireland come true! The itinerary you put together for us, the tours, the hotels and the driver were all extraordinary! Here are some of our highlights:

 I was taught in a journalism class to never bury the lead….so here goes:  We loved our driver!  Beth and I spoke to you about finding the right driver for us – Kathy, you found the PERFECT driver. Kieran delivered on everything we could have hoped for and more!  He brought all of your great planning and itineraries to life for us!  He became more than our driver.  He never expected or assumed anything but we always happily included him in our sightseeing, dining and of course pub crawling!  We learned so much from him about the history, land, culture, politics, religion, sports, food, family life – anything we wanted to know, he shared.  We also appreciated that he made suggestions on things to see along the way; he always left it up to us – but in most cases his ideas were spot on!

The 3 hotels in Ireland were terrific.  They were all very different but all first rate and they could not have been more accommodating.  I’m not sure how you could ever beat Dromoland Castle!  We got there early enough that we could walk the gardens and hike through some of the woods.  It is just amazing!  Thank you for booking us into the dining room for dinner – it was simply magnificent; I don’t think we will ever forget the elegance of the service.  Kathy, thank you very much for the room upgrade you arranged for Beth and me.  We actually felt like royalty!  I am not sure we will ever experience a room like that ever again!

You suggested that we use a driver rather than doing the driving ourselves.  And you were absolutely correct about that!  The driving in Ireland is not easy:  the traffic in Dublin and on the roads to Killarney, roads on the Ring and the Cliffs are not easy to navigate and you would miss so many points of interest not knowing what you are looking for or what you are actually looking at!  We would strongly recommend a driver to anyone considering driving themselves!

We very much appreciate your attention to every detail of our trip.  You made this trip – a once in a lifetime experience for all of us!  We can’t thank you enough!